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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

This is a sample set of all five of our Portraits Collection fragrances. Each 3ml vial is inspired by the personality and environment of a historic figure.

Included in the set:

  • Erebus (inspired by Ernest Shackleton's expeditions)
  • Corsica (inspired by Napoleon's rise to power)
  • Versailles (inspired by Marie Antoinette's Parisian palace)
  • North Shore (inspired by the life and works of F Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Waltz (inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald and the Roaring Twenties)
  • Finca Vigía (inspired by Ernest Hemingway and his love of sailing)

Portraits Collection

Try Them All and Save

Explore four of history's most influential figures through fragrances inspired by them.

These 3ml explorer size bottles are enough for several wearings of each fragrance, enough to experience all of our collection before committing to a larger bottle.

We mix all the fragrances by hand which means samples are time consuming and expensive so we unfortunately have to charge for them. With that said, we want to make it attractive as possible to try our fragrances so each purchase of a Explorer or Sample set gets £4 credit toward their next purchase of a full-sized bottle.

Single 3ml fragrance vial tester sample by Edenbridge

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sample sets are a great idea!

Buying perfume on the internet is rather challenging as you can't smell it so your sample set is a fantastic idea. I have now got a clear idea of which ones I would buy and which ones aren't my cup of tea.
If this is any help to anyone... here's my review of each one.
Versailles - delicious. My favourite. Smells jolly for lack of a better word. Good for day or night use. Could become my signature stink.
Erebus - too strong. Smelled like my much missed Granny in 1979 which was bitter sweet for me.
Finca Vigia - lovely and fresh. Summery. Like you've just got out of the shower.
Waltz - a nice kind of heavy. A going out for the evening perfume. I liked it.
Corsica - could hardly smell it. Nice enough but too weak.
North Shore - quite sharp but wearable. Perhaps not for me but not unpleasant.
As you can see a written review of perfume is not a lot of use and smell is so subjective but I tried and really think the sample set is so good because I now know that I would buy Veraillles, Watlz or Finca Vingia in a full size form as they are my cup of tea but the others could be someone else's.

Nigel Lowson

Huge thanks for the quality service and excellent products! Love trying one a day and enjoy the reaction from my wife. Love the set.

Jared Collins
Great sample set

I tried each of the fragrances in the set and they were wonderful. My favourites so far are corsica and waltz.. a great way to learn what you like and very high quality

Chris Brown
Great fun!

Bought both sample sets as little sprays are useful to drop in handbag. Smelled four in prep for buying normal sized one but realised going to be difficult to decide so waited and had a fun evening with niece smelling all 11 along with reading all the informative description cards that came with the sets. Still can't decide on favourite! Now going to buy her own sampler set! Next going to try the samplers with her two sisters. Maybe then it will be possible to make a decision! All fragrances were delicate and fresh and even though eventually we were wearing a sampler set each, the overall smell was delightful and not at all overpowering but gently lingered. Love them!

A fragrance for almost everyone

I ordered both the Historia and Portraits Sample Sets. Plenty of squirts in each small bottle to let everyone in the family have several. I have since ordered five 50ml bottles and a candle so I can't say better than that. No expensive labels or boxes, you're only paying for a great fragrance.

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