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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

Inspired by Napoleon's rise to power and his Corsican heritage.  This unisex scent is bright and charismatic, using notes from the Eau de Cologne Napoleon reputedly wore.

This fragrance has notes of:

Neroli, Corsican Citron, Blood Orange, Leather, and Cedar

Our fragrances are bottled at strong extrait de parfum concentrations which helps your skin carry the fragrance for longer and to provide excellent value.

The hills of Corsica, Napoleon's Birthplace - by Edenbridge

The Grand Empire

Blended by hand in Kent, we modernise the scents Napoleon famously wore, by evoking his rural Mediterranean roots with Corsican Citron, Neroli, and Basil, rounding the fragrance out with a gentle leather note.

Sophisticated and opulent, this scent is suitable for both men and women.

Fragrance Notes

A classic Mediterranean-style fragrance. Crisp and fresh, with engaging Neroli top-notes and a confident leathery base. A unisex scent that pairs well with blue skies and white shirts.

Top Notes: Neroli, Corsican Citron
Heart Notes: French Lavender, Blood Orange, Basil
Base Notes: Leather, Cedar, Musk Mallow

Corsia Fragrance Notes Inspired by Napoleon by Edenbridge

Customer Reviews

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I'm wearing 'Corsica' now, and at a time when we can't travel it's certainly bringing to mind hot Mediterranean islands. The citrusy top notes are gilded by Neroli, which gives them a lasting sheen. Then blood orange and cedar work a special kind unexpected magic. For such volatile notes, 'Corsica' lasts in the most wonderful way imaginable. Buy it. I will, again.

Fresh, clean fragrance

Lovely, citrusy, clean-smelling but with warm undertones of leather/cedar. Bought as a gift for my fragrance-fussy husband and he loves it.

CORSICA - the advert!

Scene opens: A wooden boardwalk in the foreground. In the background – a battle ravaged city with fires dying out, smoke rising, cries and screams. The boardwalk is strewn with bodies, battle debris, mud, and dung.
Camera pans to the right along the boardwalk.

Into view from the right comes a pair of war ravaged dirty boots and once white leggings. The camera speeds and keeps apace with the stride. The pair of legs has seen tough, long battle, they are worn, muddied, disgusting, and the bodies rise slightly to show to the camera their disgust with screwed up faces and noses, as the boots pass by. The legs and camera suddenly come to a halt. The boots are suddenly whacked by the wearer’s whip on the side. The camera pans upwards and we see an entitled English sea admiral waiting impatiently. (For the sake of historical accuracy, this is Lord Hood who ‘took’ Corsica in 1794 )

The camera is now far right and panning to the left. The scenes are the same. Into view comes a pair of pristine clean black boot and sharp white leggings. They are slower paced, as the owner carefully picks their way through the boardwalk mayhem, avoiding obstacles by carefully picking a judicious danced route through. The camera easily follows the slower speed of these legs. The bodies raise their heads to show almost comically wide smiles and noses sniff the air with big smiles on their faces.

The boots and legs come to a careful faltering halt opposite the former boots and legs. The camera pans upwards to reveal the two men. The man from the right is considerably shorter. (Again, for historical accuracy this is obviously Napoléon. And again, it should be pointed out, that these two men never met in any event like this. It NEVER happened, not like this!!! )

Napoléon has a self-satisfied smile across his face. The English Admiral looks dejected screws his nose and turns his face away toward the camera. His mouth opens and in mock disgust and defeat he utters just one word “CORSICA!”

Napoléon turns to camera with his smile and holds out his bottle of Corsica fragrance to fill the screen.

CUT. It’s a wrap.


It was a hit with my partner he absolutely loves it.

A favourite already!

The other reviews say it all. Fresh but complex, long lasting, summer's smell on a winter's day

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