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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

Inspired by Ernest Shackleton's expeditions to the heart of the Antarctic, we composed this fragrance with the notes from the essentials Shackleton's crew of explorers brought with them. Tobacco, Whiskey, and Cinnamon, along with the leather from the trunks they were carried in.

At once daring and adventurous, yet surrounded by the cozy warmth of basecamp, this fragrance is the perfect signature scent for colder months.

This fragrance has notes of:

Cinnamon, Whiskey, Tobacco, Cedar, and Vanilla.

Ernest Shackleton's ship in the Arctic - Edenbridge Fragrances

Honour & Recognition

At once both adventurous yet surrounded by the cozy warmth of basecamp, this scent is perfect signature scent for colder months.

Inspired by Shackleton and his voyages, this is a sweet tobacco, cinnamon, and vanilla scent that comforts and inspires.

Suitable for men and women, this fragrance is ideal for colder months or nights at home.

Fragrance Notes

Warm and bold, Erebus embodies strength and the nobility of England's arctic explorers.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Incense
Heart Notes: Cherry, Whiskey, Vetiver
Base Notes: Tobacco, Cedar, Musk Mallow, Vanilla

Erebus by Edenbridge Fragrance Note Pyramid

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Deane
A fantastic autumnal fragrance

This is the second Edenbridge fragrance I've purchased, and matches the brilliance of the first (Chartwell). For me, this starts with a vanilla hit, followed by the smell of cherry, and leaves a long flavour of wood and slight sweetness (like a bourbon).

It is an excellent fragrance, long lasting, and at very good value price point.

Carl Darbyshire
Very impressed

Very impressed. Very fresh smell with a subtle musk undertone and the staying power of the fragrance lasted all day.

roy williams
A fragrance for that special evening out.

Erebus is the seventh fragrance I've tried from Edenbridge and I have my favourites. Deciding where this one fits in the list is not easy as all the others have merits and were a pleasure to use. For me, it comes down to the mood I'm in and where I'm going on a particular day when deciding which to use. It then becomes the favourite.
When I opened Erebus, the smell of vanilla hit my nose on the first spray, and for a few minutes, overpowered all other smells. The other notes then piled in on top of each other to give a heady mixture which brought back pleasant memories of my past.
So for me, Erebus is going to be my favourite fragrance for an evening out in pleasant company.

Mark W
A winter winner

I got Erebus as a Christmas present after looking through the Edenbridge description of the fragrance and deciding it would be to my liking, it's fair to say I wasn't wrong! Erebus is one of those fragrances that instantly warms you up, it's spicy without being cloying and there's a subtle boozy vibe that never becomes overpowering. It lasts brilliantly on my skin and doesn't project too far which makes it ideal for pretty much any environment. I will definitely be buying more when my current bottle runs out!

Fabiano D'Amato
Fantastic Perfume

What a great perfume. The cherry and whiskey notes are very prominent.
Highly recommended.

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