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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

Inspired by the exotic trading routes and adventurous spirit of the historic Chatham Dockyard. Men and women from the Medway towns would work and launch ships from the bustling Dockyards.

This fragrance is masculine with Woody and Spice notes that conjure images of rugged exploration and the rare spices from the trade routes Chatham sailors brought back.

This fragrance has notes of:

Cedarwood, Peppercorn, Cloves, Saffron, Apple, and Bergamot.

Our fragrances are bottled at strong Extrait de Parfum concentrations which help skin carry the fragrance for longer.

Inspired by Chatham's Adventurous Spirit

The Medway Towns have a long nautical history with Chatham's Dockyard at the centre of the boat building and rope manufacturing industry for hundreds of years.  Embark on a voyage of your own with Cavalier, a woody and exotic spiced fragrance that will help you forge your own path.

Fragrance Notes

A rich blend of dark woods and spices, sparkling with fresh apple and citrus to lift and complement the complex and exotic base notes.

Top Notes:  Apple & Bergamot
Heart Notes:  Peppercorn, Saffron
Base Notes:  Cedarwood, Cloves

Cavalier by Edenbridge Fragrance Pyramid notes

Customer Reviews

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Great Expectations Met!

Cool bottle and info. Cavalier is an amazing scent!

Support for a Entrepreneur

My Cavalier and Chartwell bottles arrived today and I am impressed with these fragrances. As a gentleman of senior years, born locally, but now living in the midlands, I am very familiar with the smells of Chatham Dockyard. My own recollection is a base note of Tar and Anti-fowling paint, a middle note of rusty iron and a top note of Tea and Sweat.
Your interpretation is many orders of magnitude better. Thank you for the products. Its nice to support a start up company with a good products. The sales pitch on your YouTube vlog (clickbait) last year was what convinced me to buy. I have no regrets.

Great Scent

Tried a few of the Edenbridge fragrances in a shop and really liked both this and Chartwell as winter scents - highly recommended (and I also grabbed a bottle of Hamilton for when the weather warms up...!)

New fragrance experience.

Loved the new fragrance experience. Something new and different.


This fragrance is excellent and well balanced. The balance is well though out and the description does justice to the product. One application in the morning will last all day making it excellent value for money.

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Happiness Guaranteed

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