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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

This is a sample set of all seven of our Historia Collection fragrances. Each 3ml vial is inspired by a historic location in Kent.

Included in the set:

  • Hamilton (inspired by Upnor)
  • Great Expectations (inspired by Rochester)
  • Cavalier (inspired by Chatham Dockyard's Maritime Explorers)
  • Papyrus (inspired by Maidstone)
  • Chartwell (inspired by Churchill's Westerham home)
  • Unconquered (inspired by the fruits from our family's Kentish garden)
  • Maison Dieu (inspired by Faversham's Royal history)
Single 3ml sample fragrance vial - Edenbridge

Historia Collection

Try Them All and Save

Explore Kent through fragrances and try all six scents in the Historia Collection before committing to a larger bottle.

We mix all the fragrances by hand, so samples are time consuming and expensive so we unfortunately have to charge for them. With that said, we want to make it attractive as possible to try our fragrances so each purchase of a Explorer or Sample set gets £5 credit toward their next purchase of a full-sized bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Mrs B
Some lovely fragrances here

Some gorgeous scents - Great Expectations, Hamilton and Cavalier are favourites so far. They do meet the 'natural' descriptions. 'Chartwell' threathened to give me a headache but I'd happily buy the other three. I haven't tried all yet. Love the card-based packaging very much; no plastic. I wouldn't likely have bought such a sample in the shops, but your YouTube ad plan is probably spot on! I liked your descriptive work with the perfumes. Considering I hardly ever find a perfume I like in shops, 3 out of the pack so far is pretty amazing. I'll investigate buying one or it's something for the Christmas list. It was quite a few days before I noticed there were beautiful images on the back of the description cards (on which the text is very small!).

James McCarthy
These are great, lingering fragrances for men

I haven’t tried the whole range yet but noticed straight away the depth of the smell and unusually for a mans fragrance it retains it smell more than a day. Loved ‘Chartwell’ and will be ordering a larger bottle, maybe more when I have tried them all.

Anne Clayton

They are all lovely and I am having trouble choosing which to buy first.

Richard Hunt
Loved them

Spotted on a Adventures and Naps you tube video, so thought give them a try. Turned they were EXCELLENT all different, only tried 5 so far and already ordered full bottle of favourite Unconquered as result, Will try the other soon, maybe find a new favourite

David Sturtridge
Sample set

I have been testing out the samples at a rate of 1 a day with couple left to try.
So far I really like 3 of them. Of the successful candidates my wife will pick the one she likes the most on me.
I will say that the sample sets were very well presented and have been a joy to use. Having the scent profile cards really added to the experience.

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