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Historia Sample Set

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This is a sample set of all six of our Historia Collection fragrances. Each 3ml vial is inspired by a historic location in Kent.

Included in the set:

  • Hamilton (inspired by Upnor)
  • Great Expectations (inspired by Rochester)
  • Cavalier (inspired by Chatham Dockyard's Maritime Explorers)
  • Papyrus (inspired by Maidstone)
  • Chartwell (inspired by Churchill's Westerham home)
  • Unconquered (inspired by the fruits from our family's Kentish garden)

Historia Collection

Try Them All and Save

Explore Kent through fragrances and try all six scents in the Historia Collection before committing to a larger bottle.

We mix all the fragrances by hand, so samples are time consuming and expensive so we unfortunately have to charge for them. With that said, we want to make it attractive as possible to try our fragrances so each purchase of a Explorer or Sample set gets £5 credit toward their next purchase of a full-sized bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Kemal Erilen

Great little pack. Look forward to working my way through the fragrances and seeing which one i like best. Great value, product and service.

Kerry M.
Great selection!

I wanted to try out something different from the usual designer fragrances. I also wanted to see how strong these perfumes were... omg! I can smell myself for hours on end and have had compliments from others asking what I'm wearing.

Each scent is unique and rich in different notes. Definitely worth getting the sample set to see what you prefer, as the ones I like best are not the ones I thought I would love best on paper! The £5 discount towards a full bottle is a lovely gesture... I'm not done sampling just yet but I think I'll be going for Cavalier or Hamilton as my next purchase! And will definitely be back for more!

Delightful selection of fragrances! Hard to choose...

My search for a new aftershave started with me wanting to purchase from a UK business and ideally locally to me. Long shot so I thought...
I came across Edenbridge on the internet. Small business and I was pleased to see they were only 27 miles away. So local enough.
I selected the Historia set in the hope of finding something I'd like (and my wife, obvs) .
I am now stuck on which to choose. But think for the summer at least, I'll be going for Cavalier.
btw Shipping was sensible and arrived swiftly.

Adam Ethan

Hamilton is genuinely excellent.

Alan Wingrove
Great product range

I found the sample sets were a good way to select a fragrance that suited me. There's a themed range which covers all the bases, and I have found a fragrance that is just right for spring and summer.
These products are made even more desirable by the packaging and design, a lot of thought has gone in to the presentation. This makes a pleasant change to the usual expensive 'designer' brands.

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