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Chartwell Candle

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Edenbridge Artisan Fragrance are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and handmade in Kent

Created to evoke the feeling of being in Winston Churchill's Westerham office, sat in a weathered leather wingback chair next to a resinous fire, reading the day's briefing.

Our 30cl candles burn for 40 hours and only contain parfum grade oils and Chartwell has notes of Leather, Woods, and Smoke.

Cozy and smokey

The scent of antique wood, leather chairs and books, warmly wrapped in the scent of a roaring open fire.

Fragrance Notes

This candle smells like a warm and cozy fire in the leather-clad office of Britain's most illustrious Prime Minister.

Top:  Birchwood
Heart:  Leather and Incense
Base:  Cedar and Smoke

Corsia Fragrance Notes Inspired by Napoleon by Edenbridge

Customer Reviews

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Andy Arnold
Chartwell candle

Gave off a fabulous scent to my living room! It was a more subtle strength than the Chartwell fragrance I had bought previously. The candle burns for a long time, burns evenly, with little or no discernible smoke - although before lighting, the wick needs to be trimmed to remove any wick that has already been burned.

In short, I loved it!

Chartwell Candle

Very please with my purchase and the scent from the candle is perfect.

charles walker
Very nice

A very posh box and candle, very nice in appearance, it could do with having more scent. as it is the aroma is very subtle and could stand to be a little more in your face

John Lavington
Waxing lyrical

Great stuff from Edenbridge, Winnie would have loved it!!

Arthur Gatward
And Relax

Lovely aroma and strong enough to fill my 6.5 X 3.5 metre room. Is it too soon to start thinking about creating a Christmas candle.

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